GHLI-L is now ISO 9001 Certified.

GHLI-L places a high premium on Customer Satisfaction and this has continued to enhance its reputation as one of the leading Supply Chain Management Services (SCMS) solution provider with good experience in the warehousing and distribution of high value cold chain & non-cold chain health commodities. We are guided by a standardized process that helps to give our clients the needed competitive advantage to enable them focus on their core business.

Over the years, we have been able to meet up with our client’s demand. Consequently, it has helped our clientele to grow, and this has informed our continual improvement of our operation towards better support to our clients.

We have taken the following steps over the years;

  • Scheduled internal audit in an effort to ensure that our systems are working as designed.
  • Strengthen our business infrastructure.
  • Training of staff members.
  • Incorporated real time customer feedback in our processes.


In line with our commitment to be the preferred supply chain solution provider to our clients, we are proud to announce that Bureau Veritas has certified GHLI-L under the scope of ISO 9001:2008 that our management system has been found to be in accordance with the requirements.

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